Sandy Balls, the family holiday favorite of the New Forest gets a brand new website to boost it's online revenue. Van Walsum Management becomes ICA (International Classical Artists) and launches their new website to promote themselves and their artists individually. Pitch for the entire digital platform of The R&A. From their main corporate site to maintaining all the event sites including The Open Championship. An International Marketing Strategy for the UK's Energy Business with the website leading the way. A re-brand for Instant Offices means a complete refresh & restructure for their lead generating website. SRG take a new direction with their brand to encompass the ideals of an energy & environmental contious world. The Royal Warrant Holders Association gets a new home online with a public facing website and a members area for Warrant Holders Pitch to boost Opta's recognition within the sports industry as the main provider of sports data and engage with commercial users as well as corporate.


Specialising in digital media I have worked in the design industry for over 10 years. My focus and inspiration is drawn from all aspects of design and the various cultures around the globe.

Feel free to have a look around my little corner of the internet and see how I've been making my dent upon the world.

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the creation of a dent

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Maya Kayab


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