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International Classical Artists has at its heart Van Walsum Management, a company established by Joeske van Walsum over thirty-five years ago. With a wealth of existing expertise in the worldwide management of artists, orchestral touring and the development of innovative projects.

Origianlly this project began as a pitch to create a new website for Van Walsum Management but it soon became clear that we about to become part of something much bigger and more exciting. After a couple of meetings and a workshop we were now creating a brand for their new name (ICA) and a website that promoted their artist list, orchestral tours and projects. The site also needed to be somewhere that the artists individuality could be expressed but still within the main ICA structure.

The Process

The ICA had a pretty clear direction that they wanted the site to take, even down to using a Drupal CMS and supplying the node types they'd like. This made creating the wireframes a fairly rapid process as the ICA had already mapped out the content for themselves and their artist.

The next stage of the process was to take the new look and feel created by our brand team and apply it to the site. For the initial concepts we created two routes that represented opposite ends of the scale in terms of visual volume, the first being 'Variety & Energy' and the second being 'Professionalism & Passion'. The main challenge for the design was to make the ICA brand strong and established (Professionalism) but at the same time let the artists personalities come through (Passion). This was achieved by using the core brand colours as a framework for the site and then letting the artists personalities come out through large imagery.

The Result

Through a combination of Professionalism & Passion the ICA have ended up with clean corporate website that flourishes with rich creative content that would attract any promoter or artist to their door.


Online strategy
Website with CMS

Project Roles:

Information Architecture
Design & Development
Presentation of creatives
Front-end Development