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Sandy Balls

Sandy Balls Sandy Balls Sandy Balls Sandy Balls Sandy Balls

Surrounded by the stunning natural scenery of the New Forest National Park, Sandy Balls Holiday Centre is an award-winning destination – the perfect getaway for families, couples and friends.

Sandy Balls required a new strategic and intergrated approach to it's website. Although the site they had was not very old the content, navigation and flavour were all in desperate need of an overhaul - strategically and visually.

The Process

Working alongside Sandyballs marketing company we started to formulate the architecture of the site and establish what the key user journeys would be. The four main pillars of sandy Balls are Location, Accommodation, Facilities & Activities, it's around these pillars that I started to create the IA of the site and work out how they cross-linked with each other.

Once we had a solid structure to work with I began creating the wireframes of the key templates that the site would use and establishing the hierarchy of the content. Throughout the whole process we were constantly in contact with Sandyballs and their marketing company sense checking our approach and categorisation of the content.

The design process was very straight forward as Sandy Balls already had a look and feel established with their brand and through the orginal pitch NB had created some new style elements for thier annual brochure. The project had a fairly quick turn around so only the homepage and key templates had design applied to them with the remainder of the site and certain elements being created alongside the development.

The Result

As with all projects there were some comprimises made along the way with the client direclty and also the marketing company but I believe that evreybody is extremely happy with the end result. The main purpose of the site is obviously to create bookings/revenue for Sandy Balls but it should aslo function as place where the user can find a wealth of information that will bring them back time and time again. This is something that I feel we achieved with Sandyballs and it will continue to grow.


Online strategy
Website with CMS

Project Roles:

Information Architecture
Digital Strategy Sessions
Design & Development
Presentation of creatives
Front-end Development
On-going support