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Scottish Resource Group


The core activity of SRG is surface mining, but they are rapidly growing property and renewable energy businesses. Their focus is on unlocking added value by making effective use of the Group's assets and expertise across all their businesses, Scottish Coal, SRG Renewables and SRG Estates.

SRG approached us to help them take a new direction with their brand encompassing the ideals of an energy & environmental contious world.

The Process

The SRG project was very straight forward. A new brand had been developed by the brand team and it was my job to take the new look and feel and apply it to the new site structure that we had developed for them.

As SRG are an umbrella company we felt it nesseary to retain a very corporate feel to the website, information being it main resource clear usability is key.

Working closely with the SRG inhouse development team, that are responsable for the CMS, I created a set of HTML templates (including CSS and Javascript) that encompassed every style and asset that their development team would require.


Review & restructure the corporate site

Project Roles:

Information Architecture
Design & Development
Front-end development