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UK Energy

UK Energy UK Energy UK Energy UK Energy UK Energy UK Energy

UK Energy Excellence is a cross industry, cross government initiative led by UK Trade & Investment and senior members of the Energy Industry in the UK who have formed a board of directors to deliver the objectives of UK Energy Excellence: An International Marketing Strategy for the UK's Energy Business.

The main objective of the website is to help develop a brand and marketing campaign for the UK Energy Sector that will improve global recognition of the UK's excellence in energy at home and overseas.

The Process

I focused on creating an environment for users to easily explore UK Energy and it's marketing strategies. The site is designed in such a way to compliment UK Energy's overall marketing strategy to effectively increase awareness and create a central hub for the UK Energy industry

Using the typography and rich, powerful color palette that had been created by the brand team I aimed to target both the UK and international target markets. On the development end, this visual approach worked well with creating a Search Engine Optimised platform for the website.

The Technology

Once the overall design for the site had been signed off by the UK Energy team I set about creating the HTML, CSS and JQUERY functionality for the developers to intergrate into the bespoke CMS that we had developed.

The Result

Throughout the project we worked very closely with the UK Energy team delivering the site for the brand launch fully tested and the client trained to use our bespoke CMS.


Website with full CMS

Project Roles:

Information Architecture
Design & Development
Presentation of creatives
Front-end Development
On-going support